1.  Turn off your irrigation system. Unplug the control box or put the system on “manual” so that it does not run on its regularly scheduled program. Turn off the water supply to the system at the backflow prevention device. Uprooted trees can break irrigation lines wasting water and shortening supplies.
  2.  Store water in clean containers. Although The Water Authority has never lost it’s water system, you could be impacted should a main break necessitate shutting the water off on your street.
  3.   Stock up on non-perishable foods. The biggest widespread impact from previous storms has been the loss of electrical power making food preparation a challenge.
  4.   Batten down the hatches. Wind blown and floating debris are major causes of damage during hurricanes. Store patio furniture, trashcans, pool toys, wind chimes and other items that can blow away. Items that blow away and float will block drainage inlets and culverts causing flooding.
  5.  Know who to call. Drainage issues, flooding, street blockages and other non-emergencies: Call your City Hall.  Drinking Water issues: Call The Water Authority – 713-465-8318. For all Emergency situations: Call 911.
  6.  Sanitary Sewer Issues. During heavy rains the sanitary sewer system can become overloaded making drains slow to empty and in some cases not work at all. Nothing can be done about this until the system has a chance to drain down. Limit your water usage as best you can. Do not use upstairs facilities if the downstairs facilities don’t drain properly. The two system are connected so you will just cause more issues downstairs. A good rule of thumb is, “If it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down.”