Pollution Prevention Outreach

Liquid Waste Disposal

The Water Authority’s sewer collection system is not intended for chemicals and toxic substances. It is designed for urban domestic wastewater only. Pouring products containing metals, or high organics down the drain can affect the wastewater treatment process and compromise rivers and lakes. It can also create an additional cost on the water system to maintain and replace equipment. Any discharges of toxic pollutants must meet local discharge limits. Click here for Discharge Limits. Anyone who continues prohibited discharges is in violation of MVWA Sanitary Sewer Use Ordinance and is subject to fines and penalties. 

Help stop illicit wastewater discharges. If you see it, report it to the Memorial Village Water Authority by calling 713-465-8313.      

Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG)

Fats, Oils, and Grease should never be put down the drain. These products can clog sewer pipes in your property and the Water Authority’s. Over time these pipes can become completely blocked and lead to sewer overflows and backups that may cause health hazards, property damage, and threaten the environment. Instead, put oil and grease into a sealed container and throw in the trash. 

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