Memorial Villages Water Authority is always working to bring fast, safe and reliable services to you. Here you will find our latest projects as well as information about possible road closures due to ongoing improvements.

Current Projects:

Creekside Water Plant – The old water plant in the Creekside Subdivision of Hunters Creek Village has been demolished and construction began on a new water plant in September 2018. This new water plant replaces the original water plant that was built in the 50’s. Additional water storage capacity and increased pumping capacities will insure an adequate water supply for many years to come. The new plant should be on line in July 2019.

Liquid Ammonia Systems (LAS) – LAS are being added to the existing water plants to provide Chloramines as the primary disinfectant for your drinking water. This is the same disinfectant that the City of Houston uses in the water they deliver to MVWA. Ammonia is added to the raw water to bind any organics prior to adding chlorine so that chlorine byproducts are controlled. For more information please call the Water Authority at 713-465-8318.

Projects Archive: