Water & Sewer Questions

  • Where does MVWA drinking water come from?

    The source of your tap water comes from more than just one location. In 2005, the Water Authority provided over 79% of its treated drinking water from its five (5) water wells. These wells are all located within the Villages and produce water from the Evangeline Aquifer. This type of water source is commonly referred to as groundwater. The other source of our drinking water comes from the City of Houston. In August of 1998, the Water Authority began purchasing blended water, a combination of surface water and groundwater, from the City. Surface water comes from rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, reservoirs, and springs. The TCEQ completed an assessment of our source water and the results indicate that some of our sources are susceptible to certain contaminants. The sampling requirements for our water system are based on this susceptibility and previous sample data. Any detections of these contaminants will be found in this report. If we receive or purchase water from another system, their susceptibility is not included in this assessment. For more information please call 713-465-8318.

  • Does the water get tested for safety and quality?

    The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all drinking water suppliers in the country to provide a water quality report to their customers. This annual report concerns the quality of water provided by Memorial Villages Water Authority to the residents of Hedwig, Hunters Creek and Piney Point Villages. Consumers can view this report by clicking here.

  • How can I contact Memorial Villages Water Authority?

    You may use the information below to contact Memorial Villages Water Authority or click here to send us an email.

    Memorial Villages Water Authority
    8955 Gaylord Dr. (Click for map)
    Houston, Texas 77024
    Phone: 713-465-8318
    Fax: 713-465-8387

  • What payment options are available?

    Pay by Check:
    Water & Sewer bills can be paid with a check in our office or via mail. Although acceptable, we discourage cash payments.

    Credit Card or e-Check:
    Recurring or one-time online payments using a credit card or e-check can be made by clicking here. At this time we are unable to process e-check or credit card payments over the phone however, a public computer is available at the MVWA office for these types of online payments.

    Automatic Bank Draft:
    Customers may also enroll in automatic bill pay using a checking or savings account by completing the online form located here.

  • Did I only use 10 gallons last month?

    No. We bill in 1,000 gallons and therefore 10.0 gals = 10,000 gallons.

  • Is a credit available for filling a swimming pool?

    There are no credits, water or sewer, given for the water used to fill a swimming pool.

  • Can I get a credit on my bill for a leak?

    There is no credit given on the water portion of your water and sewer bill for water leaks. We may adjust the sewer portion of your bill if you apply, in writing, for an adjustment and it is determined that the leak did not enter the sewer system and that it caused the sewer portion of your monthly bill to be more than your average sewer charge would normally have been without the leak. We will need your request for an adjustment in writing, a copy of the repair bill showing you had the leak repaired and the date(s) of the leak.