The Water Authority is a conservation and reclamation district and political subdivision of the State of Texas, organized, created, and established pursuant to Article XVI, Section 59 of the Constitution of the State of Texas by Chapter 20, Acts of the 57th Legislature of the State of Texas, 3rd C.S., 1962, and operating pursuant to Chapters 49 & 53, Texas Water Code, as amended. The Water Authority was created to conserve, transport, and distribute fresh water from any source for domestic and commercial purposes and therefore may purchase, construct, operate, and maintain all works, improvements, facilities, and plants necessary for the supply and distribution of potable water and the collection, transportation and treatment of wastewater.

Trey Cantu, General Manager

The MVWA Board

  • PRESIDENT Gary Schenk Position 2 Hedwig Village Rep.
  • VICE PRESIDENT William Wilson Position 5 Piney Point Village Rep.
  • SECRETARY Randolph Ewing Position 7 At Large Rep.
  • SUPERVISOR Veronica Roa Position 6 Piney Point Village Rep.
  • SUPERVISOR Cathy Stubbs Position 3 Hunters Creek Village Rep.
  • SUPERVISOR Unal Baysal Position 1 Hedwig Village Rep.
  • SUPERVISOR Locke Braly Position 4 Hunters Creek Village Rep.